Legal advice on transport issues

Transport is one of the largest, most significant and fast-growing sectors of Lithuanian economy. Fast growing transport sector induces the development of its sound legal basis regarding correct freight service process delivery clearance, ensuring rights of the persons involved in the process, and fair resolution of disputes. Upon accepting the customer’s freight, the carrier bears a great responsibility to transport the freight safely and on due time. Certainly, in logistics, as well as in all other areas, various situations happen when the freight is damaged, all freight or its part disappears or the freight is delivered delayed, etc. In the event of a dispute between the carrier and the customer, the insurance company or other third parties may be involved. Transport law is a complicated area, therefore, it is essential to evaluate the information available critically and be able to defend one’s own interest. In case of disputes, there is a need for the urgent professional legal aid which is particularly relevant in contentious situations where there is no culprit or agreement over claims, or the amount of damage, its indemnification, etc. are unknown. In this case, a professional and timely legal analysis and risk assessment may not only help to prevent (or significantly reduce) financial loss, but also ensure continued good cooperation with a customer or a service provider. A professional lawyer’s involvement in disputes prevents impulsive and emotional decisions which usually appear to be wrong.

Lautoma cooperates with reliable lawyers who have extensive long-term experience in transport law and are capable of providing you with professional assistance.


Legal advice is provided in the following cases:

  • Preparation of contracts, internal company documents, negotiations with customers and partners, etc.
  • Resolution of transport service disputes between the customer and the service provider.
  • Resolution of disputes with insurance companies in case of an insured event when the cargo has been damaged, etc.
  • Advice on various legal issues related to both local and international freight.
  • Lawyers may represent and defend the interests of carriers, freight forwarders, shippers, consignees and other persons involved in the transport area in courts and courts of arbitration.

If you need legal assistance in transportation and logistics, please contact Lautoma by email or telephone +370 (5) 2333658.