Freight insurance services

Freight insurance is a type of insurance that insures freight against damage, destruction and theft while carrying it by any vehicle in the world. 

UAB Lautoma has extensive experience in carrying goods and together with its partner BALTO LINK offer additional freight insurance.

Cargo insurance benefits and coverage:

  • In case of damage, you will avoid potential financial loss and disputes with business partners and carriers. 
  • Freight insurance will minimise loss risks. Freight carriers and forwarders’ liability is restricted by international conventions and rules. In case the freight is insured, freight damage, destruction and theft risks may be insured at 110% of freight value.
  • The insurer will pay additional costs, incurred during the event, for freight salvage, additional storage or transhipment.
  • Please note that freight forwarders and carriers indemnify the damage caused to the freight only if their liability (fault) for the freight loss has been proved. Also, carriers and freight forwarders’ liability is restricted upon the provisions below:
    • Air transportation (the Montreal Convention) 19 SDR per kilogram
    • Water transportation (The Hague-Visby Rules) 2 SDR per kilogram or 666.67 SDR per package
    • Land transportation (CMR) 8.33 SDR per kilogram
    • Railway transportation (CIM) 17 SDR per kilogram

In order to protect the business and reduce potential freight transportation risks, it is necessary to obtain insurance. UAB Lautoma offers you their reliable insurance partner with whom the company has been cooperating for a long time. UAB Lautoma cooperates with global insurance companies and, thus, ensures high-quality insurance coverage at a competitive price.        

If you would like to insure your freight, please contact UAB Lautoma by email or telephone +370 (5) 2333658.