Currently, Lautoma offers its clients full freight and service package (“door-to-door” with full service) or individual products or services, such as:


High-quality services

A wide range of clients, as well as certificates and awards given by third parties show high quality of Lautoma services.         

All service provision stages aim to meet the highest quality of standards, such as professional communication, confidentiality of the client and cargo, fast and safe transportation, and making good conditions for freight transportation.

Efficient oder acceptance. During office hours we respond to enquieries within 2 hours.Freight transportation contract is prepared within 1 hour.Kontroliuojamas Freight tracking, provision of information to the client.

Attractive price

It is very important to ensure a high quality of services and offer a competitive logistics cost. Lautoma clients appreciate an attractive cost-performance ratio. We are always searching for the new ways to offer our clients a lower shipping cost. Therefore, we provide them with alternative freight shipping routes.              

We recommend to use partial freight shipping services to the clients, who have a cargo of small volume and weight (the offer is applied not to all cargos), i.e. when the cargo is transported on the same vehicle with other clients’ orders.      


All Lautoma clients’ cargos are insured. In exceptional cases, when the cargo is particularly valuable and expensive, additional insurance is offered. In the event of an accident, theft, damage to the cargo etc., clients will be indemnified with 100 per cent for the loss incurred as soon as possible. Professional forwarder’s Lautoma aspiration is to minimize the risk to the client. Clients need to feel sure and confident after entrusting their cargo to the logistics company.

Freight map

Transportation and freight forwarding services are provided throughout the EU, Russia, Belarus, the Middle East, and Central Asia. International freight experience is growing annually and the freight map is expanding.

Individual solutions

Referring to the client's needs, an individual solution is offered to each person, i.e. potential freight shipping schemes are made. We offer discounts on freight services and certain payment deferrals to loyal and reliable customers. Lautoma is actively expanding the circle of its partners and continuously improving its services in order to offer innovative solutions to its clients, as well as save time and money maximally.


Lautoma staff is highly professional. Nearly twenty employees are ready to accept your orders, arrange transport, and solve problems. Managers continually keep in touch with the customers, inform them about freight tracking in the form and frequency agreed, warn of delays or early arrival of the freight, and immediately solve problems. In exceptional cases, clients can contact Lautoma staff at any time. Professional service and timely communication with the clients enable them to trust us and help us build a long-term cooperative relationship.