About us

The company UAB Lautoma, founded in 2004, offers logistics services. The major activity of the company is domestic freights in Lithuania and international freights, i.e. land transport. During more than 10 years of a successful company activity, UAB Lautoma has become a reliable partner and a professional forwarder, and consolidated its positions in the logistics market. Each year the company completes over 5,000 transportation orders. Not only freight services, but also legal advice on transport issues and freight insurance services are provided to the clients.

Tomas Jurkšaitis Head of UAB Lautoma 
“We aim the name of Lautoma to become the guarantee of success, quality and security. We are proud to have a broad circle of loyal customers who have been using our services since the very establishment of the company. Individual work with each client and most favourable solutions have made us successful. We are glad of our success, but meanwhile we are continuously increasing the quality of our services. Hence, we began to offer our customers not only freight services but also cargo insurance services and assist in solving various legal issues, etc. Our clients entrust us their valuable and important cargos – they trust us, therefore, we must meet their expectations! Our slogan is We care about your business! We not only forward freight and ensure great logistics; we also take care of the success of our clients’ business while developing a mutually beneficial cooperation.”

Reliability and quality of the company activity are appreciated not only by our clients.  


Lautoma was awarded with Gazelė 2014, Gazelė 2013, Gazelė 2012, Gazelė 2010, and Gazelė 2009 (fastest-growing Lithuanian companies, based on the sales for the last 4 years, are awarded with Gazelė (Gazelle)). The list is annually compiled by the daily Verslo žinios (Business News).

Lautoma was also awarded with the Certificate of Reliable Carrier in Transport exchange TRANS.EU. Such certificate is provided only to the logistics companies with a good financial situation, reliable documentation, active involvement in the transport exchange, more than 95 per cent of positive feedback, etc.

Financial stability and solvency of Lautoma, as well as its good economic situation have been officially certified with CrefoCert STABILUS by UAB Creditreform Lietuva.


All freight transported by Lautoma is insured for the sum of EUR 600,000. Particularly valuable freight may be additionally insured under exceptionally favourable conditions. More information